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Bright Star Bakery offers artisan & handmade gluten-free cookies & desserts serving a variety of dietary needs. Did we mention that they are out-of-this-world DELICIOUS too?

Bright Star Bakery is a gluten-free and mostly vegan & grain-free facility. We operate with a gluten-free mixer and oven to produce our goods in a dedicated gluten-free facility. We also feature menu items that are cane sugar free utilizing ingredients such as maple syrup, plant based fruits and monk fruit for those who are low carb or diabetic. 


We are in business to provide a service to the people with dietary and allergenic restrictions. People with alternative food choices such as vegan, paleo and ketogenic and others with food related diseases such as celiacs, lactose intolerance and diabetes are the inspiration for the products sold at Bright Star Bakery.

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Now you can order online and have our baked goods shipped right to your door! Free pickup is also available at our many locations and times during the week!

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About Laura

My name is Laura Gaudioso and I wish for the energy gained from consuming this food to go towards nourishing your body, calming your mind and feeding your soul.  


May the energy be used towards recognizing all the suffering in the world and to use this energy for developing more wisdom, compassion and kindness towards all beings and towards ourselves.

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