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One of the main missions at Bright Star Bakery is to first and foremost satisfy the needs of those with dietary restrictions.  If you or a loved one suffers from Celiacs, Gluten-Intolerance, Diabetes or Lactose Intolerance we can help. We work in a dedicated gluten-free facility so you can be rest assured there is not gluten in your delicious baked good. If you or a loved one chooses to eat an alternative diet we are here for you. And with our baked goods it truly does not feel like a sacrifice!

In addition to helping humans in need our motivation is also to help the planet and animals.  Since we are primarily vegan we are taking a part in helping to save the animals, conserve massive amount of water and pollution that is consumed in the meat and dairy industry and voting for justice with every purchase we make.  We do not use palm oil under any circumstance because even if it says organic, this product is not strongly regulated and therefore although "vegan" most likely is an unethical product that supports rainforest deforestation and the killing and disregard of orangutans. Our mission is to end the suffering in the world, whether it be your belly, our natural resources or the animals, we do what we can when we can!  When you buy from us you support the future of all beings. Yay!

And lastly we are dedicated to providing not only a living wage for our employees but also a peaceful, joyous and supportive atmosphere to work in that brings balance and harmony to their system and ours.

Inital Vision Achieved!

Here is what our vision was when I first launched Bright Star Bakery:

The long term vision is to open our own space that is sunny, bright, peaceful and airy. This space will be made of repurposed and natural materials such as brick, marble, glass, tile and wood (as little stainless steel as possible!) In this way we hope that it demonstrates our motivation to create a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere to work.   We will continue to have a dedicated gluten-free facility, utilize locally sourced and/or organic fresh ingredients that are combined in a balanced, flavorful, fresh way; setting a new reputation for the taste of gluten-free, vegan and cane sugar free baked goods.  


In this space, we will aim to realize our dream of creating a harmonious supportive baking environment.  We still aim to be working all of the Rogue Valley and Grants Pass Farmers Markets.  We are motivated to further our vision of satisfying the needs of those with Dietary Restrictions and diseases and those without!  We hope to expand our wholesale account to make our product more available once our facility allows us the space to do so.  When you purchase something from us you are helping support us to build our dreams.


We built the kitchen of our dreams with so many windows and french doors with windows! We used all the different elements to create a harmonious and balanced atmosphere. We incorporated big boos block bakers tables, wood floors, a marbled stone area and white tile on the bottom half of most of the kitchen. Stainless steel fridges and freezers as well as the sink and oven to incorporate the metal element. Our New Vision is to create Work Life Balance as we have welcomed a new member into our family this year. Thank you for your continued support.

Core Values

Ingredients with integrity

We bake with ingredients that we use in our own home kitchen. From product quality, sustainable packaging and living wages to aim to run our business the best we can. 

The belief at Bright Star Bakery is that ingredient quality is more important than profit. We care about cause and consequence, not only about you eating the food but about how choices reflect in the overall sustainability of the planet and for future generations.  We are not perfect but we try our best and aim each year to improve and get better and better as we learn more and more!

Engaged Employees

To retain our employees we do check ins to help open the doors of communication; communicating about how they are doing and how we are doing in relation to their needs and goals. We provide a living wage and a supportive harmonious working environment.

Sustainable Packaging

We do our best to minimize waste by purchasing in bulk, sourcing locally and/or organically, purchasing biodegradable packaging and reusing and recycling. Each year we add more sustainable packaging to our product list. This year we are excited to announce we have added biodegradable parchment paper and soap!


Placing people, plants and the planet before profit 

is the true sense of wealth.

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