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Chocolate Chunk Cookie
  • Chocolate Chunk Cookie


    Gluten Free, Vegan and Grain Free, this is the cookie that started the bakery. Made with a custom dark chocolate blend and chopped by hand. We know how important the quality of the chocolate is in the chocolate chunk cookie, as about 1/3 of it is chocolate! A must try if you are new to the bakery.

    Since our products are perishable, all food sales are final, per the Board of Health. Bright Star Bakery is not responsible for damage or loss as the result of shipments being returned or deemed undeliverable as a result of incorrect address information you supply upon order, or for inability of the recipient to receive the package on the day you specify delivery. Please note: Shipping baked goods risks damage due to movement during transport via carriers. Although we package our products with the care, we do not take any responsibility for damage that occurs during transport.


    We are unable to guarantee proper handling and prompt receipt of packages once they are delivered to the correct mailing addresses by third party carriers (FedEx, UPS, USPS), which is, unfortunately, out of our control. We are also unable to control extreme weather conditions that may delay packages already in transit. To enjoy the full flavor and freshness of our products, we urge you to make arrangements for timely receipt of packages prior to ordering.


    If any breakage occurs during shipping, NO refunds will be issued. If you would like to purchase insurance to cover any accidents caused by USPS or Fed-Ex, please let us know immediately. In the event we cannot produce your order on a given date, a refund will be made. If you choose to cancel an order before it's produced, a refund will be given at the discretion of the baker. If no preparation has been done for the order, a full refund will be given.


    Only those customers purchasing USPS Express Mail or Fed-Ex One Rate will be refunded for shipping after we have been refunded by the provider.


    **Please note the refund only covers the cost of shipping unless you have purchased insurance to cover the contents of your package. Once the package leaves our hands we cannot guarantee how they will arrive to you. If any breakage occurs during shipping, NO refunds will be issued.

    If your gift is returned to us because of an incorrect address provided by you, due to perishability, we must dispose of the contents of the gift and you will not be refunded. Refunds for damaged goods can only be credited to the originating credit card. If you were sent items you did not order, or failed to receive some of the items in your order, please contact us via email.

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